Purchase Services

In Person Consultation

A personal One Hour one-on-one consultation with me. $145.00 Dollars [wp_cart:Personal Consultation:price:145.00:end]

30 Minute Phone Reading

A personal and accurate 30 minute reading over the phone. $60.00 Dollars. [wp_cart:Phone Reading:price:60.00:end]

One Hour Phone Reading

A personal and accurate One Hour reading over the phone. $120.00 Dollars. [wp_cart:Phone Reading:price:120.00:end]

Dream Interpretation

Need help interpreting a dream. I can help. $40.00 Dollars. [wp_cart:Dream Interpretation:price:40.00:end]

House Cleansing

Rid you home and/or business of negative energy and allow positive energy to resonate through your life. $125.00 Dollars. [wp_cart:House Cleanse:price:125.00:end]

Available For Parties

For your next party, entertain your guests with psychic readings. (*Minimum of 8 People @ 25.00 each) $200.00 Dollars. [wp_cart:Party:price:200.00:end]
For additional guests for your party, you may purchase additional credits here.
$25.00 Each [wp_cart:Party Extra Guest:price:25.00:end]

Pay By the Min

Using Pay Pal, you can pay for a personal reading. Use as little or as much time as you need. $2.00 Dollars Each Minute [wp_cart:By the minute:price:2.00:end]

Email Questions

Using Pay Pal, you can pay for an email reading.

  • Two Question: $25.00 Two Questions by Email [wp_cart:Email-two-questions:price:25.00:end]
  • Each Additional Email Question: $10.00 Each Additional Question by Email [wp_cart:Email-additional-questions:price:10.00:end]